Thursday, September 18, 2014

Annual Member Show

Our annual Member's art show will be up in the gallery at the Tustin Senior Center until September 26th.  Take down is from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Here are the results of the judging:

Best of Show:
     Nancy Goldman

     1st - Linda Yoder - "Boots"
     2nd - Lou Henkel - "Laguna Beach"
     3rd - Joyce Lang - "Crocks"
     HM - Janis Pasquali - "Flutterby"
     HM - Bill Lesher - "Love Birds"

     1st - Judy McCoy - "A walk in a Paris Park"
     2nd - Barbara Shaw - "Portside"
     3rd - Marsha Lindsey - "Floral TNT"
     HM - Rosie Weiner - "Butcher Shop"
     HM - Sandra Morrison - "Anza Borrego Palms"

     1st - Beverly Weber-Fow - "Glowing Floral"
     2nd - Rita Hopper - "Etched Blossoms"
     3rd - Nancy Goldman - "Onion"
     HM - Sherry Lohman - "Giselle"
     HM - Janis Hunter - "How Does Your Garden Grow"

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